The Jeffrey Pine is alleged to be one of the world’s most photographed trees. Carleton Watkins first photographed the tree in 1867. It has been subsequently photographed by Ansel Adams (1940), and countless other photographers who have made the pilgrimage to this beloved Yosemite icon. Pictures can be found in books, postcards, posters and throughout the Internet. Sadly, the pine died during the drought of 1976-77, despite the best efforts of park rangers and others who bought buckets of water to it in an attempt to save it.
Unfortunately, sometime around the week of August 18th 2003, the tree fell to the ground. The cause is believed to have been the severe storms in the Sierra Nevada in early August that may have finally weakened it enough to topple over. But the fall is simply part of the natural process of life and death for these pine trees.

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